Ten Random Things To Always Carry In Your Purse.

Quick tips for on the road and about town. Those little strange uses for random thingies.... Post it here!

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Ten Random Things To Always Carry In Your Purse.

Postby HaileyEdge on Sat Feb 18, 2006 11:50 pm

1-50 Medium Saftey Pins
3-Pen + Paper
4-Ibuprobafen (Advil)
5-Sharpie Permanent Markers
7-Needle + Thread
8-Q Tips
10-Duct Tape

HAHAH I was going through my purse and thought I'd name the top 10 random things that were in there. They come in so useful!!! Although tonight I was at a show and my really good friend who was on stage yelled at me and asked for a pair of nail clippers because his nail was falling off from playing guitar, maybe I should start bringing nail clippers with me everywhere!!
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Postby lex fiend on Sun Feb 19, 2006 2:17 am

i gotta GOTTA have my travel size hand sanitizer (germophobe) and some extra lip balm.

i also have a mini sewing kit, bandaids, alcohol swabs, instructions for CPR that i ripped out of a day planner (can you tell i'm a nurse?), some sort of chocolate...
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Postby HaileyEdge on Sun Feb 19, 2006 11:14 am

Haha me too, the bandaids especially because my skin rips easily (I know it doesn't sound plesent but it rips easily...) And I am a germapobe too, when I heard the song 'germfree adolescents' by the xray spex I was like HEY ITS ME. Because you always need to be 99.9 percent gerrrmmmm free with hand sanitizor!!
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Postby Ms Minx on Sun Feb 19, 2006 11:17 am

Ok, here's mine:

3 or 4 safety pins on my key ring
2-3 bandaids (I have a cute flat plastic hello kitty holder)
advil (i keep mine in an earplug case)
pen that lights up (i love these things!)
swiss army knife (unless you go to school or are flying!)
Lip balm
icebreakers liquid ice
lighter (handy whether you smoke or not)
Fresh & Go toothbrush (remember, i have braces!)
Mini pack tissues
Wetwipes travel pack or sanitizing gel
Mini tube of lubriderm
Brush/mirror (mine's all in one)
Then I have a tiny pencil case with:
Nail file (I like the hard crystal ones)
Perfume in a sampler tube
lipstick, lip liner
styli style bullet eyeliner
bobby pins

Sounds like a lot, but it all fits nicely in a small shoulder bag...
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Postby Charl on Sun Feb 19, 2006 11:37 am

i always have a swiss army knife in my handbag, along with

- mini maglite torch
- plasters
- nail file
- vaseline/lip balm/lip stick/lip liner
- black eyeliner
- tape measure

and other normal type stuff (phone/purse/keys/diary/pen)
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Postby reanimatedzombie on Sun Feb 19, 2006 2:11 pm

safety pins are most definatly always helpfull to carry around all the time
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Postby self destruct on Sun Feb 19, 2006 2:21 pm

wow now i have to go and put like a lot more stuff in my puse
i alway always always carry with me though a tampon,safety pins a pen , my notebook , lotion,and MY MAKEUP
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Postby ~k~ on Sun Feb 19, 2006 4:46 pm

wow! you guys carry around alot of stuff! the only things that usually have in my purse are:

purse-size digital camera
ipod(not all the time but sometimes)
nail file
and batteries!!!! ( haha i have like 15 batteries in my purse... i take alot of pictures lol....)
oh and i always have like 5 million bobby-pins in my hair and sometimes i take some out and they end up in my purse...
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Postby Xine on Sun Feb 19, 2006 4:49 pm

I totally cannot live without deodorant being in my purse.
I have a stink complex. :lol:
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Postby Zombie_Emma on Mon Feb 20, 2006 4:16 am

phone smokes wallet ID

Thats my checklist in my head i always go through before i go out. dont need safety pins cause i've got one in my ear (piercing) and usually tones on my clothes because they're falling apart. thats about it hey.

oh and in one pocket ive got throat lozenges for when im jamming/got a gig, my asthma puffer, spare film, and film i havent developed.

i need room in my bag to pinch glasses or sneak booze into pubs.
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Postby ell on Mon Feb 20, 2006 11:58 am

whoa you guys carry tons! when i go out i just carry my phone, money, maybe ipod, house keys and a tissue.
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Postby Elizadeath on Mon Feb 20, 2006 8:39 pm

I :heart: hand bags!
I have about 3 i rotate between and in each of them i have a stash of the typical: Tampons, Bobby Pins, rubber hair tie, small lotion, band aids, antibacteria gel, chapstick, $5 cash (just in case), pen & ear plugs.
But i still have to grab my Credit Card, ID, Inhaler,& phone when i go between them.

The only odd thing i carry around is an envelope to put all my receipts in. I'm a gal who likes to budget and save money so i always carry it until the end of the month, then a new envelope gets put into roation, and the old ones get analyzed and put into the Bigger envelope for the year.
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Postby gelfling on Mon Feb 20, 2006 9:14 pm

Phone & wallet in pockets, thats usually about all!
Mostly keep things in the glovebox of my car!
Man theres some crud in there...
tampons and stubby holders! Ya never know when ya gunna need one! :wink:
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Postby Zombie_Emma on Tue Feb 21, 2006 5:19 am

i use my stubby holder as a bracelet. not only is it trendy, but good when to keep ya beer cold on hot nights.
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Postby RancidBaby on Tue Feb 21, 2006 9:11 pm

I dont go anywhere without eyeliner but I switch my purses a lot so keeping my tic-tac holder of safety pins and mini sharpie havent really stuck. But I do have a hanful os safety pins and bobby pins at the bottom of my purse- a nice amt. of tissues (every morning I have to blow my nose like a million times in school ..its getting old. lol) and I always have all my makeup in my purse which is like all 7 or 8 of my eyeshadows (In the morning in school every 1/2 pieriod is Bio..also the period to do my eyeshadow..and I never know which colors I will do that day so all of them are in there) My mascara, eyeliner..oh yeah a lighter.. lipsticks and always My red lipstick holder with my fav. lipstick thats bright ass red in it. a hair tie.....

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