Info on postings about bands/CD reviews needed

Thanx to Trish, we added this little area to post up what you're listening to right now. No need for lenghtly reviews or counter-reviews... just a quick place to post your favorite track to kick butt to...

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Info on postings about bands/CD reviews needed

Postby ClassAct on Tue Jun 26, 2007 6:28 pm

If you find a new band/have a band you want people to check out please tell us who they are, what they sound like, and why you like them.

Example -


I just heard this new band and they are amazing! They are a female fronted psychobilly band called the Horrorpops! Here's the link <link> They are so much fun! They have their own go-go dancers!

Instead of -

New band!

Heres my boyfriends band <link> Checkthem!

We also really need GOOD CD reviews for this forum. Pick a CD you've heard and review it. It doesn't have to be long just give some info about the band, what they sound like (even if it's a famous band), what the CD is like and why you love it/hate it. Just saying "Such and such band's new CD is sooo good!" is not enough.

Example - (by our own Ms. Minx)

Sick of It All – Outtakes for the Outcast – Fat Wreck Chords
Only a band with a career spanning the past two decades can have the luxury of pulling together such a cool CD. Fans won’t be disappointed with the selection on SOIA’s newest CD, released this fall. The fifteen tracks include covers, as well as other songs never before released, or ones only released as bonus tracks overseas. Covers include Sham 69’s Borstal Breakout and Rip Off, All Hell Breaks Loose by the Misfits, Husker Du’s Target, and The Last Resort’s Working Class Kids.

The last track is a real treat – it was originally recorded in ‘92 in RI then remixed by DJ Lethal and House of Pain in –93. It was taken from a bootleg cassette and was previously unreleased. Out on Fat Wreck Chords – and a damn good buy.

This way people can look through the forum and find new music they might want to check out or make an informed decision about a CD they were thinking of buying!
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Postby Ms Minx on Tue Jun 26, 2007 7:08 pm

THANK YOU babes!!!!
All great points!
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Postby Janie Hawk on Thu Jun 28, 2007 6:58 pm

Definitely a great idea. I've already changed the title of some older posts that stuff like "You should check out..."

I've also noticed that we have multiple threads for bands, so I'm going to go in and delete the oldest threads.
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