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  • On the homefront...
    Wanna hang that poster without bluetack for less than three dollars?

    Want a memo board without butterflies?

    Need to refurnish and refurbish?

    Yup - you got it! We're posting all sorts of decor tricks in this area. Please feel free to share your tips!!!!!
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  • Product reviews & resources..
    Found something great that you think everyone should know about? Tell us! Know a great site that we should know about that you find helpful? Post it in here!
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  • Recipes...
    Cookin' on the cheap? Need creative recipes? Can you cook a four-star meal with free condiments?
    Then share your tricks!
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  • Recipes from Bands...
    We decided to get some recipes from friends!
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  • On the lam...
    Quick tips for on the road and about town. Those little strange uses for random thingies.... Post it here!
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  • Fashion fun...
    No, we can't tell you how to dress, but we can suggest cool ways to make your clothes your own!!!!!

    Please post your own ideas!
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  • Curiosity won't kill the cat...
    Got a question? Post it here.... everyone is free to answer questions!
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    As the boards have grown, we've had people join who are really great at answering your questions - on topics you can't always find in one place. Tattoo safety tips? Pin Up Modeling? DIY Tech questions? We'll be adding more, but we want you to be as informed as possible!
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  • On the cheap...
    Face it, you probably drink PBR, and you're on a DIY site; so you like ideas on how to do things cheaply! And hey, that leftover cash can buy you some more ink! So share the thrifty tips here!
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  • Girly stuff...
    Where we can all say how great MAC is... and share other tips and tricks....
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  • Guys garage...
    I'm sure I'll have no clue what goes on in here, but really, it's so the guys don't bitch, and hey, we have to support the men who wanna be creative and crafty now, don't we?
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  • Random tips...
    This is the place for those strange things you do every day... the crazy things you learned from your grandmother, or from desperation, that you think the world should know about. For god sake, White Out was started by a desperate house wife and some flour!
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  • Good reading...
    Share some good books! Oprah has a book club, but NO, I don't want to read Dr. Phil!!!!

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  • Sound advice...
    Thanx to Trish, we added this little area to post up what you're listening to right now. No need for lenghtly reviews or counter-reviews... just a quick place to post your favorite track to kick butt to...
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  • Travel Time...
    Want to see what's up in other cities? Want to share what's fun in yours? Know good tricks for getting there cheaply... and staying there for even cheaper? Share here!!!
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  • Social Responsibility
    As we've grown, we've seen each other through some times where we've needed supporting. If you have suggestions for help hotlines, or specific resources that you want to share, please post them in here. Also, if there are good charities you support, please post links or a little info in here if you think others will be interested too! IF YOU HAVE A SPECIFIC PROBLEM, POST IT IN YAKKETY YAK, this area is for resources and social causes only...
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  • DIY Marketing
    We can always use help spreading the word on cool things we're involved with. Be part of the DIY marketing revolution!
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  • Events!
    Got something happening you think people want to hear about? Post it here! Please be considerate, when an event is done, please remove it from the forum...
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  • Momma Mayhem
    This area is for the mammas - face it, you've got the most important job in the world, you deserve your own corner on here!!!
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  • Give us some love...
    OK, we got addicted to all those lovely comments on MySpace. Feel free to get mushy and gushy and make us smile...
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  • Swap 'n stuff stop...
    Another 'by request'. Trade 'yer goods here!
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