The luscious Ms. Kamilla Vanilla and the never-satisfied-with-things-the-way-they-are Ms. Minx of Franky & Minx present:
Ms. Vanilla and Ms. Minx's Guide to Punk Rock Domestics & Aesthetics.

Way back when -- a.k.a. 2005 -- Ms. Vanilla and Ms. Minx had an idea. They actually joked about their idea -- how they could never leave anything alone, and what their 'new born' would grow up to be. They started PRD on MySpace; within two and a half days, their blog page had logged over 3,000 visits and numerous comments. This site was born, watch out, we're now in our terrible twos!

Feel more like a home wrecker than a home designer? Tired of 10,000 shows on the home and garden network that DON'T include decorating with spraypaint, or vegan recipes? Only know the names of flowers from your tattoo artist?

Then you're in the right place. Never mind Martha Stewart, Ms. Vanilla and Ms. Minx are here to share recipes, decorating tips, even how to make your clothing better!!!

Stop in, share, ask us a question... if we don't know the answer, we'll figure it out... DIY Style!!!!

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